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Energy efficient Cooling Solutions

The single largest consumer of energy within the retail food sector is the refrigeration system, hence our focus for the past 12 years has been on educating and informing retailers regarding energy efficient refrigeration systems.  Our passion is to design, engineer, install and maintain energy efficient refrigeration systems that perform, deliver and exceed our valued customer’s expectations. 


We are well known and respected for our high-quality world-class installations, all carried out by qualified, highly skilled and competent staff.  Ranging from small single-phase refrigeration systems to large plants in excess of 1 000kW(R).


We are continuously striving to improve energy efficiency.  Reducing energy consumption is critical to the growth of the South African economy. Saving energy ensures that future businesses have access to one of South Africa’s most vital resources – electricity.

Our refrigeration installations bear testament to our motto – REFRIGERATION DONE RIGHT!  


We are so confident in our design and workmanship that we are the first to offer extended warranties to our clients

refrigeration design and installation
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