Commercial and industrial refrigeration South Africa

Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape

Cold Storage Warehousing

Cold Storage Warehousing

Specialised storage facilities equipped with temperature-controlled environments.

food retail refrigeration

Food Retail

Equipment designed to store and display chilled or frozen goods for commercial sale or use.

manufacturing and production refrigeration

Manufacturing & Production

Industrial refrigeration and practice used in an industrial setting.

agriculture refriferation


Refrigeration solutions for preserving quality, freshness, and safety of agricultural products

abattoirs and butcheries refrigeration

Abattoirs & Butcheries

Refrigeration essential for maintaining food safety standards and preserving product quality.



Refrigeration solutions designed to meet stringent requirements of pharmaceutical products.

hospitality refrigeration 1


Refrigeration units essential for storing and preserving perishable food items.

refrigeration forecourts


Refrigeration units or systems used in convenience stores, gas stations, or petrol stations.

specialised application

Specialised Application

Refrigeration and cooling solutions tailored to specific industries, environments, or applications

What makes us Different

refrigeration excellence

commercial and iindustrial refrigeration

Leader in commercial and industrial refrigeration and cooling solutions

Premier Choice refrigeration

South Africas Premier Choice in Refrigeration since 1960

Refrigeratuin South Africa

We service small, medium & Large companies across South Africa

South Africa’s leading refrigeration contractors since 1960

We are an industry-leading commercial and industrial refrigeration and cooling solutions provider. We help clients build efficiency while saving money and reducing mechanical failures that cause downtime across South Africa.
Our teams are qualified, passionate and well equipped to deliver exceptional service!



Energy saving refrigeration – fast return on your refrigeration investment.

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